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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 8, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> berkeley police say minutes after the officer approached the man he found himself on the ground being punched in the face. >> he was hit multiple times in the face, kicked multiple times. so it was an extremely brutal attack. >> berkeley police president says the officer was knocked unconscious and woke up and found the man trying to remove the gun from his bell. the man was arrested. his mental health status is unclear but says the officer involved is a 10 year veteran with extensive mental health experience. he helped develop the crisis intervention team. >> this is not a situation where words obviously were going to be of any use. i think the only thing that would have saved him would have been a taser. >> stein says berkeley and san francisco are the only departments at major bay city areas without tasers. member oliver is firmly
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opposed. >> i don't think threw needs to be -- there needs to be more tools of violence that the berkeley police department needs to have. >> i don't think we should close the door on it. >> berkeley city council man said it's time for the council to at least consider the idea. >> sometimes our police are at risk in certain situations and could we with the use of tasers reduce those risks. >> and council man says in the coming weeks he plans to take weeks to encourage the council to consider the idea or started studying the idea of giving its officers tasers. the officer was released from the hospital last night. continuing coverage now of the leland corruption case. attorneys for the defendants today leveled charges of racism and en trapment against federal agents. this has the major players come to court to plead not guilty.
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today's court set was set after a grand jury indicted last week. learned how some of those defense teams plan to take on the government. david. >> ken, leland and his codefendants range charges from political corruption and a murder for hire conspiracy. one of the defense attorneys said the fbi is guilty of financing those alleged crimes. >> this is suspended state senator arriving just after 9:00 this morning to enter a not guilty plea. keith jackson who is yewsed of picking up -- accused of picking up -- both of out on bail. raymond shrimp boy chow tonight remains behind bars. he is accused of money laundering and conspiring with jackson to accept bribes from undercover agents. he described this as a case of racism. government malfeasance and en trapment. so did the attorney for 30-year-
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old. his charges include a murder for hire allegation and the alleged sale of weapons to undercover fbi agents at a site just across the street from police headquarters. >> the government was out beating the bush and throwing a lot of money at anybody they could get to take money basically creating the crime which now people were arrested for. >> raymond shrimp chow is expected to enter a not guilty plea. all 19 are due back in federal court on friday at a hearing before the judge who is set to try the entire case. live in san francisco. david stephenson. a man tweeted not guilty today in a case prosecutors are calling one of the most frightening they have seen on the pen peninsula. faces 20 criminal charges. the san mateo district attorney said he broke into a house. the 66-year-old woman who lives
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there came home from the store to find the man burglarizing her house. she said he had a gun and threatened to kill her and her family and burn down the house. showed the suspect tasering the woman and gagged her with a sock. he came and went without neighbors noticing a thing. >> knowing that throughout that every time he came back in he's got her bound and tied up in a closet wondering is he coming in to kill me. so that was a night of tore tore few for her. the home invasion lasted nearly 24 hours and investigators say he used the victim's atm card several different times in different locations to steal her money. for opening day of the san francisco giants season. the warm weather kept things lively for fans tailgating before the game and facing new
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stepped up security measures as they entered the park. there was a hero in surprise, bat kid made a surprise appearance to throw out the first pitch. we'll have highlights coming up but live at at&t park with a big impact even for those who don't go to the games. >> there's a big difference in this neighborhood between baseball season and the off season. opening day is kind of like christmas and new year's all rolled into one. >> before the first pitch. >> i think we're ready to go. >> the businesses that make a living off baseball hit it out of the park. >> i think we're coming up like night and day. >> night being the off season, day being opening day. there's a line just to get in to momo's across the street from the ballpark. >> but honestly, it's worth the wait. opening day is going to be
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phenomenal. >> it's unbelievable. >> while many played hooky today, businesses around the ballpark worked overtime. >> there's no question baseball is a blessing financially and in a perfect world it would be all year round. >> they see green when the neighbor streets turn orange. >> it helps when the team does good. a lot of people are giants fans. >> and the stuff no one wants, there's a booming business for that, too. when baseball is in town. >> you can see this neighborhood is still bustling and we're long after the game ended. you can get some idea of the impact that games have here, there's another game tomorrow night. reporting live, noel walker. hit the ballpark today, took into consideration and he will tell us just how the giants did in this fan fueled opening day, coming up later in sports.
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and viewers have been posting their pictures from opening day. it's all at police said today they now know the person stealing a package from a doorstep. the family posted the video on youtube. police say the case will be filed with the district attorney's office. the package containing sat books has been recovered. a drunk driver who killed a 17-year-old on her 17th birthday was sentenced to jail. pleaded guilty last moment in the death -- month in the death of -- the teen was crossing -- when she was struck and killed. brewer pleaded guilty to dui. he expressed his sorrow and remorse. in addition to the jail term he faces 6 months under home detention and 5 years
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probation. dozens of passengers aboard a crews ship are having a rough trip. the cbc says 56 passengers and 13 crew members reported feeling sick with symptoms similar to the -- virus. the ship with 3000 passengers is on a 3 day tour of the west coast. workers sanitized the ship before it returned to sea. hillary clinton said freedom to connect online is a universal right. >> it is freedom of speech. it can be every other freedom. expressed just through the means of technology. >> said that communication through social media has helped to open closed society. she said she even asked twitter to delay a planned shut down so that activists in iran could coordinate during the protests in 2009. >> twitter could have said no. but the fact that people were
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literally staying alive and able to express themselves was important to them. >> clinton, who is expected to run for president in 2016 made the keynote address at the markets summit at mass coney center this afternoon. the former first lady is also set to appear at -- thursday night. governor brown's job approval rating is soaring. a new poll shows 59% of registered voters approve of the job the governor is doing. that's up from 46%. also holds a huge lead over his republican challengers. 57% say they would vote for brown in june while -- have the support of just 22% of likely voters. a new study found there are more women choosing to stay at home with their children. compiled new figures that found 29% of mothers do not work outside the home. that's up from 23% at the turn
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of the credibilitiry. -- century. another report gives california low marks for it's child care and development system. the analyst office says it has series design flaws and programs are inconsistent. don't offer families choices. california spends $2 billion a year subsidizing child care. an idea to get more people out of their cars and on to their bikes is taking shape. >> most people will buy a bicycle if it's safe. >> the changes on the road that will affect those with 2 wheels and 4. i'm talking about a cool down. i'll let you know how much cooler in your neighborhood.
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yesterday's fast moving fire in san jose that destroyed one home and damaged two others has been ruled accidental. investigators say the exact cause is still unknown and will be determined by an insurance company. fire crews used heavy machinery last night to move piles of burning debris. broke out on moss brook circle. flames spread quickly to 2 neighbors homes. has obtained the court documents outlining the 5 felony charges against a former concord police officer. charged with 3 counts of burglary. one for obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and one count of elder abuse. claim the crimes were under conditions likely to produce great bodily harm and death. says his client has a drug problem. switser remains in jail on $480,000 bail.
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new at 6:00, it has already been tried in new york but now a new plan to get people out of their cars and on to their bicycles could be coming to the east bay. as rob ross shows us the plan could bring some very visible changes to oak land streets. >> bicycling along telegraph avenue say those who know best is no stroll in the park. >> it's pretty dangerous. >> but that could soon change, are considering installing barriers from 20th street to 57th street much like in parts of chicago where bikes are separated from cars. >> it's important because more people will bicycle if it's safe for them to do it. >> this is a rendserring of what oakland is thinking about. it will have buffeted by another bare we are. parking would be on the other side of the barrier. >> if there were an actual barrier then i don't have to concern myself with making
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myself look bigger or taking up more space. >> on thursday transportation al officials are scheduled to meet on the best way. it may not be a win win for everyone. for some adding a protective barrier would mean losing a lane of traffic. >> too much congestion. the traffic, it would be too slow. >> but the idea seems to be taking hold. al a meet a is planning on installing barriers. barriers are under consideration in parts of berkeley. >> bicycling is coming to america. we're going to start looking a lot more like europe. >> final approval on the telegraph avenue plan rests with -- if approved could be in place by the ends of next year. a bill that would place a moratorium on the use of hydraulic fracturing was
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approved today. the bill passed through the senate natural resource and water committee. involves pumping water and chemicals under high pressure into the ground to free up oil trapped. it's been already used in more than 15 15 wells mainly near bakers field and north of sacramento. opponents say it pollutes ground water and air and could trigger earthquakes. >> there are too many whose concerns are valid. >> a law passed last year requires oil and gas producers to release more information and launched a study due out later this year. the new bill would expand that study and put a ban in place until fracking is determined to be safe. cal fire is staffing for fire season a month early because california's drought has made conditions extremely dry and dangerous. >> cal fire's station helitech
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unit took to the air. cal fire says it's hired a dozen rookie firefighters early so they could be early before fire season. >> it's going to be busy. definitely busy because you can tell if you go drive down highway a, it's still dry. but it's going to be busy. >> south bay engine units will have 4 firefighters on board instead of 3. grounds units are scheduled to start training throughout the week. made for a gorgeous day. baker beach in san francisco was a busy place. look at this shot. sunbathers and swimmers took advantage of all the sunshine and you can see the gleaming golden gate bridge in the background. bill martin joins us where he's been tracking some changes. >> yesterday was pretty warm. tomorrow not as warm. the winds are kind of coming on
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shore. you can tell the winds are on shore when you see the waves getting rippled. when the wind is blowing the other way it gets real glassy. sailors know that. you can even see sediments in the water as well. the temperatures outside today got up into the mid-80s, 85 in antioch. you were 87 in morgan hill so that's the hot spot. things are going to cool down as we go into tomorrow. in the next couple of days. come in close. this is an interesting shot. you can see the high clouds. loop it and you will see the high clouds moving but see underneath it. it's kind of subtle but you're seeing the coastal fog. that's going to be the story the next couple of days. patchy coastal fog stays around around just continues as a product of that on shore flow continues to cool things out. it's not that cool out there now, in the 80s in the warmest
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spots. 77 in san jose. san jose tomorrow starts off pretty warm. you're in the mid-50s in many locations. mid-70s by lunchtime in san jose. then by 4:00 you're at 80 degrees, so down 6 or 7 degrees from where we were tied. this high pressure center sticks around but it weakens enough that it allows this low pressure center to come in right here and that just pushes the on shore flow. last few days so winds have been coming this way. cooler ocean, cooler temperatures, or lower temperatures. so the forecast model shows this flow. 7:00 a.m., there's the fog. 6:00 tomorrow night, more coastal fog and then fog in high clouds right through the bay area with temperatures trending down. they start cooling tomorrow. they continue cooling through
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the week. we're going to be seeing temperatures in the 70s, so fog at the coast, the 5 day forecast. the fire danger always the concern. we talk about it's going to be a really bad fire year. every year in california is a bad fire year. it's a mediterranean climate. so it's kind of we're splitting hairs there, too. it's always bad fire danger. >> especially with the drought. bill, thank you. a proposed bill to ban killer whales at california amusement parks has been set aside. the man who wrote the bill agreed to wait until next year. it would ban the import of orcas more than a million signatures were submitted in favor of the bill. sea world threatened to sue if
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the bill became law. was sparked by death fish. it depicted the death of a killer whale in florida and raised questions whether it's humane to keep the giant creatures in captivity. sea world argues they would not survive if released back into the wild. good hitting and pitching come piped to bruce -- combined to produce a great opening day. channel 2 sports. week nights on the channel 2 news.
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anncr: it's time for a better taco. the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you. we're here now with sports. it couldn't have been a nicer opening day for the giant. >> steve: all the way around. get your sunscreen out. i'm worried there are a few people with some very redskin but the giants are red hot themselves. in fact the warmest opening in san francisco history as far as the first pitch goes. it wasn't long after the first ceremonies that the giants get on the board. brandon belting again for the distance. his 5th homerun already. this was a man on, a former a trevor cahill and the giants up. the 2 hot hitting that has been the -- so far.
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they get another one in the 3 3rd. michael morris the new coming making a name for himself as the giants begin to pull away. more in the 5th. again 2 outs, brandon crawford comes in with a single. 7-2 lead at the time. tim hudson, 2 earned runs and he's now 2 and 0 with the giants as they polish off arizona on a beautiful afternoon, 7-3, joe fonzi is there right now. in the clubhouse to give us the whole post game scene as well. joe, how you doing. >> you said it tim hudson is the only giants pitcher who is 2 and 20 after his first -- 0 after his first 2 starts. but no shortage of. >> any time you get to lead early, it makes our job a lot easier. i'll make them earn what they get and if they get ahead in the count keep the ball down.
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make them earn everything they get. >> it is just one game in the standings but it always feels good to win your home opener. winning is pretty good right now. reporting live. joe fonzi. all right, thank you, joe. and the giants are 6 and 2 and looking real good and very encouraging after what happened to them last year after the world championship but then again, this is an even year and you know what happens to the giants in even years. >> 10 and 12, going all the way. >> joe looking like you got some sun out there, energy was high. >> i think 50 sunscreen for me. >> good call. thanks, mark. tonight at 10:00 a mini dorm in the middle of the neighborhood. neighbors say it happened without warning and tonight they are taking their concerns to city hall. >> we're always here for you on
6:27 pm, facebook and twitter. thanks for joining us. >> we'll be back. >> real baseball weather. >> yeah. [ male announcer ] get to subway for the spicy italian, now the $3 six-inch select of april. try it fresh toasted on garlic bread with shredded mozzarella, top it with your choice of veggies like cucumbers and red onions, and it's still just $3. and that's just one of our april featured values. we've also got the tasty turkey breast and black forest ham as our featured $5 footlong. for just $5, load it up with all your favorites like green peppers and baby spinach. the $3 six inch select and the featured $5 footlong -- get both all april long!
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